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Mavic bills its top-tier CXR Ultimate Helmet as a daily aero helmet that represents the culmination of 145 prototype models that were tested, evaluated, and tweaked in the wind tunnel. We translate that to a helmet that improves your aerodynamic profile without the typical downsides of other aerodynamic helmets. Such helmets usually have the unsightly aesthetics of a mushroom mated to a beetle carapace, but the CXR Ultimate actually looks like, you know, a bike helmet. Aerodynamic helmets are also typically aero to the point of being virtually unventilated, making them too stifling for use during mid-summer racing. The CXR Ultimate's shell shape and 28 Clima Vents take into account air flow through the helmet, not just airflow around it, so the cooling aspect that other helmets write off actually becomes part of the helmet's aerodynamic gains. Common sense tells us it's not as aerodynamic as closed-off models, but for everyday use, we'll take the added comfort. The CXR Ultimate enjoys another advantage over the competition is classically Mavic: low weight. Ever since we first became sentient cyclists, the French firm's signature yellow branding has been shorthand for low weight. The CXR Ultimate maintains that tradition, shaving anywhere from 10 to 30 claimed grams off of the weight of some of the most popular aerodynamic road helmets on the market. While shaping that lightweight shell, Mavic conducted cranial mapping tests to make certain that the CXR Ultimate closely matches typical head shapes. Mavic identified the not-so-obvious pressure points and contours, and made the interior shape of the helmet consequently flow along with the curves of the skull. But, even with a mound of data, there were still variances. This is where Mavic's Ergo Hold SL System comes into play. Like the previous model, it allows for as much as six centimeters of one-handed, on-the-fly size adjustment. Though much of the helmet's technology carried over between model years, the...

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