Pinarello F8 Bib Shorts - Men's Black/Sky Blue, L

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Pinarello F8 Bib Shorts - Men's Black/Sky Blue, L description from Competitive Cyclist

The harder you work, the stronger your body gets. However, there's a fine line between work and overwork, and at some point you're doing more harm than good. At this point, your body needs help. That's where compressive garments like the Pinarello F8 Bib Short shine. The F8 supports and protects your tired muscles while you work them for hours at a time so you can turn that fine line into a nice, long ride.The F8's main body fabric is 250g Power Lycra. This is a true compressive material that not only reduces the effects of road vibration, which can cause fatigue, but it also promotes bloodflow and protects muscles during long periods of high exertion. On the core contour system, Ametista fabric brings 200g/m2 of gently supportive compression to your waist and core. It also incorporates carbon filaments, which reinforce the honeycomb-knit Lycra, allowing for a lighter build that retains the strength of a heavier material. The carbon implants impart antimicrobial properties, and Pinarello claims that they also absorb atmospheric electrical interference for an increased anaerobic output and a delayed onset of fatigue. The shorts' body is kept in place by the usual bibs up top and the decidedly unusual 190 E leg bands down low. The 190 E bands spread a soft, non-restrictive, and gently compressive grip across the 7. 5 centimeter-wide cuffs. A silicone application is used throughout these bands to help keep everything in place. The LoPro 0 used in the front and shoulders of the bibs is the distant, less-restrictive cousin to the LoPro 30 and 45 materials that Giordana uses in the cuffs and armbands of other items. The straps are hem-less for a perfectly flat fit that doesn't show through your jersey. At the shoulder blades, the LoPro is mated to 190 Mesh, which is soft and breathable with a barely-there feel that complements the band of ventilated Antigua material between the shorts' body and bibs.The chamois is the Cirro OmniForm (O. F.) . It incorporates aloe ver...

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The color is pretty-pretty as described! The compression shorts is great , I love it. Overall , extraordinary Pinarello product.