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Upon initial inspection, the Selle SMP saddles may not look like they would be your first choice in comfort. But, looks are deceiving, and once you try it, the Glider saddle may just end up being your favorite saddle. They aren't the lightest saddle on the market, but they have been developed and produced after careful consideration of how the body actually interfaces with the bike, and if you are going to spend countless hours in the saddle, comfort trumps weight. The Glider, as with all SMP saddles, features a drop beak-shaped nose which relieves pressure from soft tissue regions. This design also means that when you ride, it's easier to roll forward and keep a flat back. The paddle (widest part of the saddle) has been slightly elevated so that you have something to push on when you climb or take off in the break away. The center of the 136mm wide saddle features a wide cut out which eliminates pressure in the perineal zone. It also keeps all your bits from getting crushed. That highly technical term is being used all inclusive of the male and female anatomy. Eliminating pinching means The saddle is built upon traditional steel rails and a nylon/carbon fiber composite shell. You won't need to worry about your saddle being able to handle daily grind-fests without collapsing. Additionally, the padding is a foamed elastomer so that it holds its shape. The cover in black is leather and microfiber in the red and white styles. The Selle SMP Glider Saddle is 136mm x 266mm and comes in Red, White, or Black.

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Hey, there! Products by Selle SMP are really great. I use them on the daily basis. Also this Backcountry has the lowest price.